Unlock the value
of your Customer Data

Easily store, manage and enhance your customer data from start to finish.

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Make smarter business decisions easily

FLYDE lets you confidently take advantage of your 1st party data to improve marketing performance, drive sales and create better customer experience.
connect sources

01. Connect all your sources

Connect your Shopify, eCommerce database, Social Media… to start receiving data. Integrations on-demand.

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02. All your data, in one place

All your customer data clean and ready for you to start working with them.

unlock the value

03. Unlock the value of the data

Customizable visual data reports, new actionable insights… all your customer data is available to view and analyze the way you need.

A platform focused on 
growing your business

Use your unified data and FLYDE analytics to attack all parts of your sales funnel and get the most out of them:

Conversion optimization

We improve the conversion of leads/prospects to customers through our lead2customer algorithm, so you can target your campaigns to the leads that are most likely to convert.

Maximize cross-selling

We enable our clients to increase revenues and profits by focusing on three axes:

• Profitability: projecting the LTV of clients one year ahead and the total revenue they will generate.

• Cross-selling: product recommendation (how likely a product is to be purchased by a customer) and buyer persona.

• Recurrence: how likely it is that a customer will make a second and subsequent purchase.

Increase retention

Perhaps one of the most important: how likely a customer is to stop buying (churn). Or in the case of subscription-based businesses, how likely a customer is to unsubscribe.

Optimize and improve your funnel
with FLYDE’s predictive models.

Optimize and improve your funnel with FLYDE’s predictive models.

Thanks to AI-based algorithms, you can stay one step ahead. FLYDE helps you optimize your strategies and provides insights in an easy-to-interpret way to help you meet your objectives.

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The key tool for your business.

FLYDE is the right platform to make your campaigns and strategies successful processes. We have many reasons that support us, here you can see some of them.


+10 years experience

In the development of predictive behavioral models based on ML/IA in different sectors.

AI Accuracy

Our models are automatically trained with customer-specific data, which guarantees their reliability.

Smart and Actionable Segmentations

That are fed back and synchronized in real time to the rest of the applications in the company’s technology stack.

Easy to implement and use (no code)

A visual interface designed and intended for business users that allows you to access information quickly and easily.

World-class Customer Success

We accompany the client throughout the onboarding process and service, facilitating the achievement of their objectives.

All your data protected

At FLYDE we comply with the current laws on data protection, data collection and data processing for our customers’ peace of mind.

Start taking control of your data today

Schedule a meeting with one of our experts and discover how FLYDE can help your company achieve its goals.