3 reasons why your digital transformation fails

What's holding back your digital transformation?

Digital transformation has been a problem for companies for several decades now, it has changed according to the evolution and technological adaptation of companies, but it is yet a latent issue. Today, the digital transformation of companies mainly involves the use of large amounts of data, and especially the ability to store them and make them actionable.

In this sense there are some problems that companies tend to encounter, this 3 main issues will be analyzed in this blog, seeking for possible solutions.


Keeping data organized

Being able to store data and structure it may not seem so difficult if we just take into account basic data, as companies used to do 20 years ago. The problem of today’s possibilities is that companies face huge amounts of data from thousands of sources, and not just basic data, but also attitudinal or behavioral data.

These possibilities make data structuration quite tough, most companies use different platforms where they store different pieces of data, which makes even more complex the unification of criteria. A platform where companies could store all of their data in order to make it actionable, taking into account all of it, and saving large amounts of time to employees, makes things easier and manageable. A Customer Data Platform enables companies to store every single piece of Data related to customers, sales, or campaigns.


Obtaining Actionable Insights

Once this data is obtained and unified in one place companies need to obtain information from it. Making this data actionable is also much harder than what it may seem, as today’s technology enables companies to obtain much further actionable insights than ever before.

The application of Artificial Inteligence on this large amounts of data (Big Data), is a must if your company wants to achieve the furthest insights possible, as AI allows a data processing capability that humans are unable to reach. This will help with obtaining insights and also with predicting tendencies with a really high level of precision.


Not being able to manage the tools correctly

The above mentioned technologies and possibilities may seem far away from your company’s possibilities as it seems complex. Most platforms or systems that allow companies to develop this technology tend to be difficult to use due to its technical complexity. This is a huge problem as if companies hire technology that can’t use properly or to the lastest extend, then it would be useless.

Hiring easy to use technology and being able to understand it with webinars or direct contact with the developers would help companies enormously to exploit data as ever before. Making Digital Transformation a reality and not a further possibility.



Do you want your company to move on to the next level? A CDP is the key tool that will allow you to maximise the potential of your data and grow your business. Working like the big multinationals in the market, which already have this type of software, and having control over all your data is now very simple.

Moreover, if you do not have IT or Data Scientist teams, this tool will allow you to outsource this function. And if you have them but want to reduce their workload and give more autonomy to your marketing and business teams when it comes to working with data, implementing an easy-to-use CDP would be the best option for your company. It will allow any single member of your company to use it, as this softwares are prepared for them.

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